Technology Certified

Our certified IT technicians and computer engineers excel with design, deployment, and maintaining communications systems. 

Integrated Services

PT Konexindo is a data driven company.

Our keys to client care:

1. Trained and certified staff

2. Ready stock

3. Product knowledge

4. Strong management team

5. After sales support

6. Twelve (12) years experience

What Our Clients Have to Say

Our mission and vision

PT. Konexindo Unitama "provided experienced data security advisory teams, technology specifications, and purchasing negotiation skills"- Patricco Baron CIO PT. ALTO Networks

To be the Value Added Technology Distributor, Project Management consultant, and PMP Trainer of choice for market leading products and service while moving Indonesia towards the 22nd century and beyond. 

Accomplish more together

PT. Konexindo Unitama provides value added technology distribution, converged support, and secured digital economy enablement.

We assist your company to maintain peak levels of performance, productivity while maintaining security.


Customer Service